• Process Safety Management
  • Inspection Management (Strategy)
  • Corrosion Engineering & Materials Selection Management
  • AIM Strategy & Frameworks
  • Management of Functional Safety
  • Cold-Eyes Review of AIM Systems
  • Fitness for Purpose & Life Extension of Ageing Plant
  • Tailor-made AIM Training Courses


Our approach interrogates the parts of AIM - the inspection, corrosion engineering and maintenance  strategies - and integrates this data with the operating & management of functional safety strategy.

​Reassuring Process Safety & Plant Integrity Management

Process Safety & asset Integrity Management

Never has there been a truer statement when it comes to AIM. We love nothing more than to help our clients identify gaps in their process safety and asset integrity management systems.

"You don't know, what you don't know!"

Even the most robust AIM systems are vulnerable; from incomplete asset registers to lack of understanding of effective risk management and follow-up on the things that matter.

we know you do things right...

                                                                           ... but are you doing the right things?


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“Process safety management is a priority for us. It is not enough to simply have designed and implemented an Asset Integrity Management system. Without collecting and acting on information that shows the Life Cycle Asset Management system is actually working and delivering effective control of risk, you cannot be sure that your major hazards are being controlled and you will be operating blind, hoping and believing that everything is fine but without actually knowing. Reality has a habit of catching up on such companies - frequently with catastrophic consequences. No successful company could stay in business for long without accurate information on its financial performance – so why act differently when it comes to process safety" Judith Hacket, Chair, HSE

oil & gas production, refining, chemicals, sub-sea, fpso

Our consultants have solid backgrounds in modern asset integrity methods where Personal & Process Safety is paramount. Our unique approach is guaranteed to get results. 

focusing on ageing plant & fitness for purpose

Our portfolio includes  major offshore and onshore oil & gas operator assets, LNG liquefaction, steel production, and more... we'd be glad to discuss our Case Studies in more detail...