At techNUT Ltd, we've taken our collective experience to create a unique approach that is guaranteed to enhance your Asset Integrity Management systems.

  • GE Ventures - GE Oil & Gas - Avitas Systems - Advanced Inspection Services, AIM, Data ingestion and enhanced analytics, autonomous drone inspections, defect change recognition...
  • South Hook LNG - facilities asset integrity management, process safety - 
  • Texaco; Corrosion Engineering, Asset Integrity; Star, Caltex, worldwide refineries. 
  • BP Chemicals; Inspection, Corrosion, Asset Integrity Management
  • BP Exploration; Forties Field, Inspection, Asset Integrity Management
  • Chevron; Metallurgical / Corrosion Engineering, Asset Integrity worldwide oil refining
  • Maersk Oil Qatar; Al-Shaheen Field, Process Safety & Asset Integrity Management


A proven track record; our 'flash' reviews are quick and cost-effective in quickly identifying the need for more detailed assessment of AIM systems. The results are striking and immediate...

  • Management of Functional Safety
  • Management of Change
  • Emergency Management
  • Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis
  • Maintenance Strategies & FMECA
  • Measurement & Metrics - KPIs and Periodic Review / Audit
  • Management Review

  technut ltd...

who, where and what...

Bringing Process Safety & Asset Integrity awareness to everyone.

what we do... the simple version


Committed to making the oil & gas industry a safer place to work, maximising business continuity, providing AIM awareness and leadership where it matters most; PROCESS SAFETY

a different approach...

Using more modern methods, including drone inspections, data ingestion & enhanced analytics, techNUT Engineers review and look at things differently. For example, instead of analysing corrosion rate data and remaining life, we ingest data and apply science to develop Wall Thickness Ratios (WTRs) and Extreme Value Statistics (EVS), which can yield more useful information, add more value to the AIM process and also provides for a more cost-effective Inspection Strategy...

Building on my experience in the oil & gas industry, I started techNUT Ltd to accomplish a unique goal:  provide cost-effective reviews / audits of existing Asset Integrity Management systems using an approach that is completely unique to the industry. In doing so, I want to bring Process Safety & Asset Integrity Management knowledge and awareness to everyone involved. To-date, the results have been stunning!

integrating the entire process...

  • Process Safety Culture
  • Compliance
  • Competence
  • Hazard Identification & Risk Management
  • Operating Procedures & Safe Working Practices
  • Trend Analysis of Inspection Data & Following-up On Results
  • Contractor Management